Luca is the protagonist of Metallica Metalluca Series. He belongs to a tribe called Metallica Tribe who can control Metals.

  • First Appearance Chapter 1



Metallica Metalluca SeriesEdit

Chapter 1Edit

He was looking for a semi rare Cylostim on a mountain in a bird's nest. He was attacked by a mother bird and he dropped in Elza Village. He accidently deystroyed the village's metal stock. He was tied up by the village. The villagers are angry and they questioned what his origin was. He tell them he's on a journey to become a Minea and the Elza Village's Chief looked at Luca's eyes and saw he had no malice. So he tells Luca he will not only free him if he helps them, but he will also lead him to Metal City. Luca agreed and the chief assigned Shella to look after him. She invite him to her house, where met Yl who is very sick. Shella explains to Luca that 2 years ago Elza Village's Tepo Tunnel was filled with poison gas and Yl was infected with it. Yl gave Luca the first ore he dug up as a sign of friendship. Luca and Shella are looking for the source of the poison gas when Shella was kidnapped by Ward. He rescued her and defeated Ward by using his "Mallet Hand" to make Yl's rare ore to make a hammer. After that he prepares to go on his journey to Metal City. He made a promise to Shella and Yl saying that after he arrives in Metal City, he will send over the medicine to them. He then reveals to the villagers that the reason he wants to become a Minea is to fulfill his promise with his father to search for Metals together. While he was taking a step he was suddenly snatched away by the mother giant bird from before.

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